Mental Game Poker Coaching


Karim started coaching people nearly 10 years ago. He first started as a dating & relationship coach, where he helped guys all over the world to find a girlfriend and their relationships. After doing this for a few years he realized that the core problem of his clients isn’t related to dating or relationships, but rather comes from their mindset. That’s why he decided to switch his niche and started to work with entrepreneurs and professionals. He worked with them on making better decisions, stress management and improving their performance in and outside their jobs. After running into BENCB by accident, he found his new passion in poker. Through the help of Ben he became good at poker quite fast and decided to combine his 2 biggest passions which are mindset coaching and poker to become one of most known poker performance coaches in the industry.

If you decide to work with Karim he will guide you along the 3 most important key areas you need to unlock your full potential as a poker player:

Karim is a big believer that if you improve in these areas you can become one of the best poker players in the world.

Mindset Work

Optimizing your life around poker

Performance Improvement

How Mental Game Coaching Can Help Your Poker Game with Karim Chelli


Andy introduces poker mindset coach, Karim Chelli and together they discuss the importance of mindset coaching in poker and why players would benefit from having a mental game coach. Karim answers common mindset problems from poker players such as a how to overcome tilt, frustration, boredom, and sadness from playing poker. He talks about the process of how he can help poker players and provides some mental game exercises players can do at the tables.