Texas Hold'em Poker Training Site

Texas Hold'em Poker Training Site

Our platform provides Texas Hold’em poker content and coaching. Whether you are looking to learn or gain information on cash games or tournaments, you can find a coach to improve your skill level. We not only have Chinese coaches, but we also work with international professional poker players from all over the world to create an exclusive Texas Hold’em Teaching Platform.


We welcome more coaches to join our team!


Our Goals

To allow poker players the opportunity to improve their game through coaching with our coaches together with exclusive poker videos found only on this platform

Latest Videos

We provide updates on the latest trending poker topics as well as poker hands analysis, allowing players to receive to the latest news and events in the poker world.

Our Coaches

Whether you are looking for information for cash games, tournaments, live or online, we provide coaches for varying skill levels so that you can quickly find a suitable coach to accomplish your goals. Subscribe to receive free training videos or begin one on one private coaching.

About our poker platform

We created an exclusive poker training platform for Chinese players, where you can find various types of poker content for education, popular poker videos, and connect with popular poker bloggers, commentators, and streamers.

How do I subscribe to training courses?

The poker platform allows all our coaches to customize, manage and adjust their own course methods based on their teaching preferences. Students can subscribe to each individual coach’s content based on their learning preferences. Group coaching courses as well as one-on-one coaching courses are available depending on the coach.

What level of coaches do we provide?

We provide coaches for players of all skill levels including those for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. In the future, we will also have international coaches.

Can I join the team without experience?

Yes, as long as you are passionate about poker, we welcome all trainee coaches and poker content creators to join and publish their own content on our platform under the guidance from our management team.

Can poker content creators and influencers join?

Yes, poker content creators such as vloggers and bloggers are welcome to join our team. We created this exclusive Chinese platform to allow for more poker content creators to publish their content and be seen.


Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, you can use the 24-hour online assistance at the bottom right of the screen. You are also welcome to join our Texas Hold’em chat group to communicate directly with others players and coaches.

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